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So Long Wataru-kun… Hello DECADE!



KIVA - It Broke The Chain... Of Bad Kamen Rider Endings!

So the latest Kamen Rider series came to an ending last week in Japan. Kamen Rider KIVA had one of the best endings to any of the Heisei era Rider shows. Honestly, I think Kamen Rider KUGA had a more complete finale. For once it seems that all the storylines that had been woven since the middle of the series had come together for pretty solid resolution. This has been a problem for most of the Heisei era shows, as it seems every show since Kamen Rider BLADE lacked an idea of how to end the shows properly, hell in some cases they left the ending open (do I need to use the Orphenoch King fiasco from Kamen Rider 555). But in the end KIVA will go down as one of the better Heisei era shows despite some of its goofier concepts. I mean c’mon, does any Kamen Rider really NEED a cape?

So what now?

Well Bandai and Toei still have a cash cow in the Rider franchise. So to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Heisei shows we are getting Kamen Rider DCD. The DCD stands for decade (its the 10th anniversary, golly the people at Bandai and Toei are clever). What we are getting is a smorgasborg of Riders from the last 10 years teaming up withthe new Rider for what can only be 48-50 episodes of ass-kicking awesomeness. I mean so far we know that Koji Seto (Wataru from KIVA)  is returning and so is Kento Handa (Takumi from 555). We also know that there is a new Kuga since Joe Odagiri, the original Kuga, is all big time actor now and has been kind of vocal about how he didn’t like his time playing Kuga.


Kamen Rider DCD - Where Teams Of Five Strive To Survive!

Of course if Yuria Haga reprises her role from 555 as Mari Sonoda then I imagine there will be some humor between Mari and Wataru, since Haga also played Wataru’s squeeze Mio/Queen Fangire. Of course if anyone other than Shigeki Hosokawa is playing Kamen Rider HIBIKI then I’ll dump Kamen Rider DCD real fast (Note: Not really).

So here is hoping for the best. I mean c’mon, with 10 Riders in one show how can this series not kick ass?

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