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I’m Kinda, Sorta Back… With a List No Less!

The Best Movie of 1933

The Best Movie of 1933

Hi, its been a long layoff, since last Autumn actually. I’ve been busy with “things”. Life is a tricky thing and my brain is even trickier. Between work and trying to get my life in order, blogging had to take a back seat. I still wrote, just not for my own site. Heck if you go to you can check out some of the Anime articles I’ve written for that site. I’m not going to promise daily or even weekly updates to this site. Just an article now and again. I push myself to hard on the writing and my my brain goes on the fritz and then I can’t write for weeks or months at a time.

So for the first article back after a long hiatus is pretty simple. I’m a regular reader and poster at the Death Valley Driver Video Review Message Board. It’s pretty much been my online addiction since 1998. Well the other day someone asked people to post their favorite movies by year. He did so with his post and I thought it would be an interesting exersize. It wasn’t until I got to about 1937 on the list just how hard picking movies from any one year can be. Hell this dawned on me at 1937 and became damn near impossible to pick a favorite for 1939 (seriously, 1939 was a stacked year for classic cinema). So after much deliberation I got a list that span from 1939 to 2012. Some the picks are going to have you scratching your heads. Other picks you might feel are right on the money. Then there are going to be picks you probably have never heard of. Think about the movies you love and then see what year they came out and then you might realize the movie you thought was the best that year came out the same year as another great film. There are at least 2 ties for a year on this list. Seriously, those movies are so perfect that picking one over the other is simply not possible.

You’ll get my usual footnotes here but since the list works backwards from 2012, the first note comes up for 2004 and then goes backwards from there. So without further ado …

Brave Blog’s Best Movies By Year!

2012: Skyfall

2011: Midnight In Paris

2010: Inception

2009: Up In The Air

2008: Ai no Mukidashi (Love Exposure)

2007: No Country For Old Men

2006: Inside Man

2005: The Matador

2004: Layer Cake/Sideways1

2003: The Cooler

2002: Gangs of New York

2001: Spirited Away

2000: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

1999: The Iron Giant

1998: Saving Private Ryan

1997: L.A. Confidential

1996: Fargo

1995: The Madness of King George

1994: La Reine Margot

1993: Farewell My Concubine

1992: Unforgiven

1991: Beauty & The Beast

1990: Goodfellas

1989: Glory

1988: My Neighbor Totoro

1987: Moonstruck

1986: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

1985: Pale Rider

1984: The Terminator

1983: Trading Places

1982: Blade Runner

1981: Raiders of The Lost Ark

1980: The Empire Strikes Back

1979: Manhattan

1978: Animal House

1977: Annie Hall

1976: The Outlaw Josey Wales2

1975: Love and Death

1974: Blazing Saddles/The Godfather Part II3

1973: Enter The Dragon

1972: Sleuth4

1971: Shaft

1970: The Ballad of Cable Hogue

1969: The Wild Bunch

1968: The Lion In Winter

1967: In The Heat of The Night

1966: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

1965: The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

1964: Dr. Stranglove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb

1963: The Birds

1962: To Kill A Mockingbord

1961: Breakfast At Tiffany’s

1960: The Magnificent Seven

1959: Some Like It Hot

1958: The Defiant Ones

1957: The Bridge On The River Kwai

1956: The Searchers

1955: Mister Roberts

1954: Rear Window/The Seven Samurai5

1953: Julius Caesar

1952: The Quiet Man

1951: The African Queen

1950: Cyrano De Bergerac

1949: The Third Man6

1948: The Treasure of The Sierra Madre

1947: Gentleman’s Agreement

1946: Notorious

1945: Wonder Man

1944: Gaslight

1943: Casablanca

1942: My Favorite Blonde

1941: How Green Was My Valley

1940: The Philadelphia Story

1939: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

1938: The Adventures of Robin Hood

1937: Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs7

1936: Modern Times

1935: Captain Blood

1934: The Thin Man

1933: Duck Soup

1 I adore Sideways and think it is woefully under-appreciated. But everyone and her Grandmother should watch Layer Cake. Its a great crime film.

2 Marathon Man is a very close second. Take a look at what came out in 1976 and its just a glut of great movies. You’ve got a film year that had The Outlaw Josey Wales, Marathon Man, Network and Rocky. You try and tell me its easy picking anyone of those over the other!

3 Sorry but this has to be a tie. Blazing Saddles is my favorite comedy of all time. But The Godfather Part II is like watching Francis Ford Coppola become a surgeon in the craft of cinematic storytelling. 1974 is dead heat because I will never be able to choose one over the other.

4 Look, I love The Godfather but Sleuth is a better constructed story and plays out much better thus making it more compelling to me.

5 The Seven Samurai is such an incredible movie, the fact that Rear Window came out the same year is so damn unfair!

6 I really wanted to put The Inspector General here but The Third Man is just that great!

7 Seriously, this remains the greatest animated movie ever made. The range of motion that was on display still has never been matched!

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    I love that you are blogging again!!!

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