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BRAVE BLOG #100 or This Asshole is Still Writing This Crap?

Celebrate Now Cuz This Is It~!

(Have you people not figured out that you should never expect what our writer here promises to deliver? I mean forget getting stuff out on time; we’d be happy if he could keep it on topic. So instead of your “POW~!” Article, as promised, instead we hand you over to your usual nitwit who is going to pontificate on his own self-aggrandizement. We know this is the 100th entry for the much esteemed Brave Blog but come on people, 3 years and 100 posts? Kind of slim pickings isn’t it? We certainly think so. So without further ado let’s get Mr. Glory Hound out here to take his undeserved bows.)

I’m kind of amazed that I’ve reached 100 entries in this less than frequent endeavor. I’ve enjoyed writing what I write, make no mistake about it but there have been so many start and stops during the course of writing this blog I’m kind of amazed I even wrote 20 entries (Editor’s Note: We’re stunned he made past the first!). I can’t remember exactly why I even started writing Brave Blog in the first place. More than likely, I was probably bored or attempting to stave off my usual bouts with boredom. I know that I am pretty unpolished as a writer and there is not a damn thing I write that could be considered “Objective”. Honestly, I am not objective about a damn thing and I know it. I know what I like and I know what I think sucks ass and to me that is all that matters in the long run.

I mean it isn’t like people haven’t said a few things in the comments section here and there. I think there are some diehard R.A. Salvatore fans that want to cosplay themselves as Drizzt Do’urden so they can beat me to death with a Billy club. I have one person who told me that my review of Thor was off the mark because you can’t do old school Thor for the screen. This same friend then refused to see X-Men: First Class because the original X-Men weren’t featured at all. I’m not going to even talk about the hate I got for the little love letter to the French I wrote. There were a few vocal detractors on that one. Sure they missed the part where I didn’t deny being an Ugly American and thus felt my “disdain” for our Gallic brothers was more than justified, if not accepted. So to any of you Francophiles I offended with my thoughts on the French all I can say is, please grow a set and then come at me with your ill thought out attacks. Maybe my dislike of France would be otherwise if they could win a war on their own. I mean how can you be taken seriously after your country is invaded by hot air balloon?

Ok this is not going to be about France. This a joyous occasion as Brave Blog hits 100 installments. 100, oft times ill thought out ramblings on movies, comics, cooking and everything else under the sun. Early on I had asked for some minor critique from the writer of a blog I enjoy reading on a daily basis. He noted that I lacked focus in my writing and felt that Brave Blog also lacked focus as far its themes went. I dwelled on those words and came to the realization that my writing could be better but the theme of Brave Blog was not to have a theme. It is a free form thought process put into words. Hell I expanded on my creative process back in April if you recall. That is essence of how I write and thus the very soul of Brave Blog.

I will continue to talk about Japanese Trash Cinema, Comic Books, Anime and food. I will continue to see movies that relate to all the things previously mentioned and let you know if those movies are even worth a damn and more importantly worth your time and money (as a Jew, it being worth my money is what really matters). I will continue to say things in my own way about whatever topic pops in my pretty little head (Editor’s Note: The Writer is not that pretty). If I want to rattle off another 2000 words about why I have a grudge with the French then I will do so (Editor’s Note: We here at Brave Blog fully support this trashing of the French and wish The Writer would follow through). Hell I’m just going to keep on doing what I’ve been doing for the last 3 years and 100 installments. Nothing is really stopping me from doing so. Editor be damned! (Editor’s Note: OH NO HE DIDN’T!).

So the past of Brave Blog has been discussed. What do you as a reader have to look forward too?

Well there is still the matter of POW! Comics Presents The 7 Greatest Individual Comics Of All Time. From there I’ll let you know of what I really thought of Jason Moma’s turn as Conan The Barbarian. I’ve been reading most of Anthony Bourdain’s books on food and travel so I’ll have plenty to discuss on that front since Bourdain is someone I have a great deal of respect and hero worship for. I’ve been running a pretty fun Dungeons & Dragon campaign and I’ve been thinking maybe, just maybe, a monthly recap of the hijinks and insanity of that would be in high order. Before you know it will be Halloween and then Thanksgiving… or should I say THANKSGAMING! Yes the recap of the yearly tradition returns and already this year’s installment promises to be BIGGER and BADDER than ever. Hell this year I might just avoid all the Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now chicanery of the previous Thanksgaming article… or maybe not (Editor’s Note: YOU DEFINITELY WILL!).

So here is to the past 100 installments of Brave Blog. Amazingly it has not left me completely brain damaged. Now let’s see how much longer I can keep this Cyber version of the S.S. Minnow afloat before I wreck it upon a creative desert isle. Because seriously, if my creative process goes Gilligan on me then the rest of me will go totally mental and then the other castaways in this poorly thought Gilligan’s Island analogy are all going to end up eaten by head hunter… except for the Professor. The Professor is one smart motherfucker and he speaks fluent Head Hunter!

If This Represents My Creative Process, Then We're All Fucked!


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3 thoughts on “BRAVE BLOG #100 or This Asshole is Still Writing This Crap?

  1. here’s to 100 more..

  2. You my pal are a genius

  3. Thanks… I’ve been slacking lately though. Really like your site/blog.

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