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POW! Returns or Yet Anoter List!

Comic Books have been a huge part of my life. I can honestly say that in my 39 years on this planet that 34 of them have been spent reading Comic Books. No matter how you slice it, that is a lot of reading material and it’s not like I haven’t been picky. I mean I’ve been through the DC implosion of the 70s, the Marvel eruption of the 80s, 2 decades worth of the Independent Boom and the God Awful 90s. I’ve watched Superboy and Supergirl die twice each, The Avengers break-up and re-assemble more times than I can count and the Justice League do the same yet at even greater frequency.

Hell do you know just how many Aquaman relaunches I’ve had to go through?

So I was sitting here pondering on comics and wondered with the thousands upon thousands of comics I have read and re-read over the years, which individual comics rate above the others? I’m not talking storylines mind you but individual issues of any given series. Is it something that occurred in the middle of a specific story? Was it a standalone issue? Was it a particular character’s death that really stood out? Sweet crap! Just what the best individual issues in all of comics?

Of course this can only mean it is time for yet another Brave Blog List. I determined the number of individual comic books that will be discussed will be 7. This number was selected in the most Democratic way possible. I rolled a D20. Thank God I didn’t get something like 18 or this list would take forever. So over the next few weeks you, my dear readers, will be privy to POW! Presents: The 7 All Time Greatest Individual Comic Issues. This little project is going to take some serious thought and there might even be some comics that many of you will be surprised I chose. Either way this will be fun. O many comics to consider, not enough memory in my head to remember them all. Hell there is a good chance that this will end up being a very 80s heavy list, though the 60s have so much Lee/Kirby awesome moments that I might just have to save them for their own separate list at a later time.

7 Comics to be discussed at length, an experiment that should give you a more than good idea as to what I like in my comic books. I’ll keep this as clean as possible, so no issues of Cherry Poptart will be reviewed (also no Omaha The Cat Dancer either). I’ll definitely shy away from Manga as counting Tankoban’s is just choosing one graphic novel that first saw print in another format first. This also means reprint anthologies are right out, no matter how many volumes of Adventure Comics Digest I bought between the ages of 10 and 13. I’m debating whether to also leave out any and all DC War Comics because there is just no such thing as a bad DC War Comic and anyone who says otherwise is a dirty Pinko Commie!

So sit tight Brave Blog Backers! POW! Comics Presents The 7 Greatest Individual Comics Of All Time is coming your way!


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One thought on “POW! Returns or Yet Anoter List!

  1. I miss Sandman…and Gaiman one…and Knights of the Dinner Table.

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