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POW! Bi-Weekly Comics Review 01/11/2010

After taking some time off to recharge my creative battery, I return to the wonderful world of Blogging and what better way than to give you 3 weeks worth of comic book reviews?

Good For What Ails Ya!

This week we have 8 titles spanning 6 different comic book publishers. The breakdown comes out to 2 from DC, 2 from Vertigo, 1 from Marvel, 1 from Oni, 1 from Dynamite and 1 from Dark Horse. As is my usual custom I’ll start off by thanking Heavy Ink for shipping my comics and the United States Postal Service for delivering them. Now these weren’t the only books a I bought and read over the last month off. I took a dive into the world The Boys by purchasing the first 3 volumes on Amazon. I also have to give a big shout out to my buddy Grill Ninja for lending me volumes 1-9 of The Goon, which was pretty much a revelation to me as to just how awesome that particuliar title actually is. Also big props to my romm mate Drew, I’m able to keep on top of the DC Blackest Night shenanigans thansk to his monthly subscriptions to Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. With all the necessary thanks out of the way let us now dive into this weeks pile shall we?

Wonder Woman #39

Gail Simone finishes her current major story arc by wrapping up Diana’s struggle with Alkyone AND ending the subplot with Zeus that had been building since Simone took over the book over 2 years ago. That my friends is some seriously well laid out storytelling. Simone can officially be called one of only 3 writers to ever write Wonder Woman in a compelling and entertaining way. Given that she is joining the ranks of George Perez and Greg Rucka, that is saying quite a bit about Simone’s ability to make me care about Princess Diana, something I didn’t think would happen after the awful Jodi Picoult relaunch following Infinite Crisis. Fuck spoilers, you should know that after all the shit the Princess of Themiscyra has been through for the last 2 years she once again stands victorious as the champion of love and peace in the DC Universe. Really, how can anyone not love this book right now?

Stumptown #2

Stumptown #2 is finally out? Fuck it seems like forever ago that issue one hit the stands. I mean looking in my own archives, I reviewed the first issue back in November. Fuck, that almost seems like an eternity. Still, at least the second issue came out and it was just as riveting as the first one. The mystery deepens as Dexedrine Parios continues on her missing persons case. More palyers get introduced not the least of which is Dex’s cop buddy Tracy Hoffman. Remeber when in my review for issue one I compared Stumptown ot The Rockford Files? Well if Dex Parios is Jim Rockford then Tracy Hoffman must be her version of Dennis Becker. Ifyou don’t know who Dennis Becker is then serisouly… go watch a few episode of The Rockford Files, Dennis is bound to show up and he is likely to be just as annoyed with Jim as Tracy is with Dex. Greg Rucka is crafting a pretty fine mystery here if you ask me and the only compaint I have is that each issue leaves me wanting more… but isn’t that just how a good writer proves he is good writer? By leaving you wanting more? FUCK RIGHT!

The Icredible Hercules #139

Assault On New Olympus continues in Big Herc’s book this month and for a book that is one giant fight scene, it sure does pack in a fuckton of dialogue. We watch as The Mighty Avengers brawl with Hera’s Olympians and poor Amadeus Cho deals with trying to prevent Thanatos, the Greek God of Death, from entering the fray. We get more great tried and true Spider-Man dialogue written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente. Of course this issue ends on one helluva a cliffhanger which really gives you the vibe that our heroes just might be royally screwed!

Cinderella - From Fabletown With Love #3

Cindy and Aladdin continue to delve int othe mystery of just who is selling the magics of Fablekind to the Mundane highest bidder . Humor, ation and even a dash of sex get thrown into the mix. This book has been fun and the reveal at the end of just who is behind all this kind of threw me off. Also, things do not bode well for Crispin back at The Glass Slipper as poor Rapunzel buys herself a new pair of running shoes. Read that last sentence again and you might just see why that is a bad thing in the world of Fables.

Look at that, nearly half done already. I was expecting this to take much longer otwrite due to my 3 weeks of not writing longer than my signature. I guess 3 weeks of letting my brain slag-off really pays off…

Blackest Night #6

As Blackest Night rolls on, I ask myself “Self, is this really that great a story?”. Honestly… I don’t know anymore. I don’t know where Geoff Johns got the idea that Aquaman’s wife can hold her own against the Princess of Themiscyra but it is just absolutely ludicrous. That’s like Aquaman fighting the Hulk for fuck sake! Anyway the new Corps of The Emotional Spectrum gets unveiled… TWICE! At least we get to see Ray Palmer in pseudo-Sword Of The Atom gear again. What? I liked Sword Of The Atom! Fuck, I was hoping we’d get teeny-tiny little undead yellow skinned savages tormenting Ray. Instead we have to deal with Jean Loring’s crazy ass again. Which sounds better… Undead Eclipso tormenting Ray or undead teeny-tinys attacking Ray, forcing him to take up his mighty blade once more? If you said undead Eclipso then you are dead to me…

Madame Xanadu #18

Matt Wagner just can’t seem ot leave the subject of King Arthur alone. Okay, since I started reading Madame Xanadu with issue 17, apparently there is a ton of stuff I missed. Namely, Madame Xanadu is Nimue from Camelot. Weird since everyone who has ever drawn her before this current series has always drawn her to look Asian or at least a little Romany. That explains why Morgan Le Fey showed up at the end of last issue. So we are getting a an arch-nemesis for our favorite Tarot Reader/Occult Investigator. That’s pretty cool. However this rivalry doesn’t get off to a good start for Madame X as Morgan trashes her house in Manhattan and leaves buried under some rubble. I imagine we will getthe classic homage to Amazing Spider-Man #33… just minus the “Aunt May is depending on me…” schtick… though I could be wrong and before you know it Madame X is doing it for Aunt May. Not THAT Aunt May. Just some other Aunt May. Hey that brings up an interesting question… Matt Wagner has never done anything for Marvel has he? Weird…

Conan The Cimmerian #17

I’m pretty sure I’m done with Conan The Cimmerian after this story ends. Conan in comic form doesn’t measure up to the theater of the mind’s eye when actually reading Howard’s original stories. I know that is an unfair thing to say, given that Howard was a once in a century kind of writer, who had his life cut short by his own hand and thus denying us his true potential. Still, I’m pretty sure Conan The Cimmerian is gone from my pull list. Unless Dark Horse stuns me with something like Barry Windsor-Smith doing an arc and I just don’t see that one happening.

Queen Sonya #3

Finally Queen Sonja picks up as Sonya and her new crew take the war to Emora. How is it that Red Sonja is a better read than this month’s Conan? I mean last month Conan was the better read but that had Conan going hand to hand with a velociraptor. This month? Red Sonja leads a slave revolt and many bastards of Emora are slain. Maybe the advantage of all this is that Robert E. Howard DIDN’T create Red Sonja, he created Red Sonya of Rogatino, a completely different character. Maybe it is the gact that there is nothing to compare between the two that allows me to enjoy this month’s Queen Sonja better than I do Conan in his current comic book incarnation. Maybe I should just pick-up those Savage Sword of Conan reprints Dark Horse has been releasing instead…

There you have ti my friends, 8 titles and for the most part all were fun reads. Maybe my malaise with Conan will evaporate in the next issue. I mean shit did hit the fan at the end of the last issue and when shit hits the fan in Conan that usually means a large body count. I guess we’ll find out in 2 weeks as Conan The Cimmerian #18 will be in my grubby hands along with the Conan one-shot Weight Of The Crown. Assault On New Olympus reaches its penultimate issue with The Incredible Hercules #140 and hopefully The Mighty Avengers can pull a win out of their asses in that one. We also get to see the ongoing courtship of Power Girl by intergalactic stud Vartox in Power Girl #8, which hopefully is as much fun as the last issue was. We’ll then wrap it all up with Fables 92, where Geppetto may or may not get his ass handed to him by a very vengeful Blue Fairy.


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