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I really don’t understand how or why Spam mail gets sent to me. No wait… scratch that… I know how, it is just the why. More specifically why I’ getting Spam mail from or seeing as how I’m neither Black nor Christian. Honestly, isn’t there a screening process to determine if these dating sites are even sending out mail to their target audience and demographic?

The worst of the lot is Adult Friend Finder and its non-stop assault of email and full-on creepiness. Yes, I know its creepy because I surfed through it for research purposes… STRICTLY RESEARCH PURPOSES! Traipsing through AFF only confirmed what I knew already, the Internet is one seriously fucked up place to be. I mean between all the porn, homemade Youtube comedy, e-commerce and laces to illegally download music, the Internet is no place that anyone should actually spend a large amount of time on. Yet here we are right now at this second reading these ramblings. This begs the question: Just what are we, as a world society, accomplishing on the Internet?

Sure I like pornography just fine but the Internet is packed so much of it that almost every fetish/niche style of porn is on the web. In fact I’m sure NEW and DISGUSTING areas of niche porn have been developed solely because of the web. Of course this brings up the question of whether or not this is a good thing or a bad thing. I mean don’t people with less than mainstream tastes need to get their web freak on? I mean just because I’m not into midget Toilet Slavery doesn’t mean that some guy/girl/all-around weirdo isn’t. I mean everyone has needs after all and if you can’t get those needs met in your physical form, taking it to the web makes a certain amount of sense.

Kaori Yoneyama Is Totally Excited To Be On The Internet!

The exception to this rule are the freaks at NAMBLA. If you aren’t in the loop or not in the Can-Am Connection (That’s The United States and Canada, in case you were wondering) then NAMBLA really isn’t relevant to you. For the record, NAMBLA stands for the North American Man Boy Love Association or as we here at Brave Blog like to call them “The Least Popular Lobby in Congress”. I don’t care if it was good enough for the Ancient Greeks, sleeping with little boys is wrong on just so many levels. I actually had a friend try to argue in their favor with me once saying that it is just another form of Homosexuality. I pointed out the sheer incorrectness of that argument. Homosexuality and Pedophilia are 2 entirely different concepts. One deserves to have itself heard on a larger platform and be represented as a whole in society. The other is best never mentioned on this site ever again. If you have to ask which one is which then I’m sure NAMBLA will be calling you on the phone and welcoming you as a new member any moment now.

The thing is, the Internet is really the best example of a free society in motion. All groups get represented here and whether you like them or not, they are here to stay. Everyone can speak their mind or sell whatever the fuck they want via the Internet. Let’s use this blog as an example. If you Google “Brave Blog” right now, 5 other results will crop up before you get the link that will direct you to this blog. 2 weeks ago it was several pages before my thoughts and I were in the results. While I am thrilled my status in the Internet is upward, the other site you can take a look-see at include:

The Brave And The Blog – A comic book review and discussion site
Brave New Films Blog – A political commentary blog. I can’t determine if it is leaning left or leaning right.
Brave New WorldTopical items and views on the digitization of publishing and its content and the items that make the news. I only understood half of that

Three unrelated sites that happen to share the words Brave and Blog in their title but have fuck all to do with me. The closest you’ll get is The Brave And The Blog because it talks comics and that blog hasn’t even been updated since April. Hell I don’t think if it were active that I’d even offer up a link to it simply because there are better blogs that cover comics better. 2 of which are on the right of the screen. Speaking of that, this whole rambling about the diversity of the Internet can be examined by the links I offer up. Sure, they pretty much define me as a geek but look at the sheer cross-section of nerdery that comes across. Comic Books, Professional Wrestling and related blogs are primarily listed. Hell if I threw up a few links to some tech related sites I’d be a regular Renaissance Geek. Of course if I threw in some links to porn after that then… well I’m pretty sure WordPress would have a grand old time deleting this site.

If you take a step back from the Internet and just view scope of everything that it covers, I think you’ll see what a strange and magnificent beast it has become. It is filled with knowledge, yet also teaming with hordes and hordes of really stupid people. It is a palce where people write about their love for certain cartoon characters and others then post those same cartoon characters engaged in several acts of mutual pleasure. In the long run, the Internet is like any major city. It has its slums, it has its bad enighborhoods and even a few places to eat along the way. It even has its gated communities that make you pay extra to get inside. So what if those communities are pornographic in nature, it ain’t like the priviledged aren’t freaky-deaky behind those velvet curtains.

The Internet - Totally His Fault!

So hooray for the Internet as frightening as it may be. As a society we’ve made the damn thing almost an every day necessity. Unless you live in a Third World country, but have no worries Uruguay, we’re looking at getting you dial-up ASAP! The Internet is science fiction made science fact and we’ve got no one to blame but ourselves. We need to blame someone for turning us into these creatures that surf the web. FUCK! Could this be what H.G. Wells was really writing about in The Time Machine? Were the Morlocks a metaphor for the dangers of the Internet? No… that is just plain ridiculous. We all know who to blame this on and it is about fucking time he all gave us a huge fucking apology. I mean, we deserve it at this point!

That’s right I’m looking at you… AL GORE!


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