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Veekly V-ing! Episode 3

Is For Visa, It's Everywhere You Want To Be!

This week’s episode is titled “A Bright New Day”.

Let’s get right to it shall we?

Remember Erica Edwards FBI partner Dale? You know the guy who was exposed as a Visitor in the first episode? Remember how we thought Erica Edwards killed him?

Well he got better!

Meanwhile Father Jack and Erica Edwards start forming an Anti-Visitor resistance cell. Father Jack is kind of doubtful that they can be effective and wonders out loud how they can be effective against an invading force that has been living among us for decades. Erica Edwards tells him that they’ll just have to tough it out and take things “One Step at A Time”. Really? So our strategy to beating an invading alien force begins by quoting a Twelve Step program? Sadly, before the two of them can get started on the first step (Admitting We Are Powerless Over The Visitors And We Are All Pretty Much Fucked) Erica gets a call from her boss. Seems the FBI are working with the Visitor Security Forces because there has been a death threat. Father Jack volunteers to go through all the Intel Erica Edwards got from the FBI’s X-Files division last episode.

As for the lovebirds Valerie and Ryan, they are walking to work together. Ryan is obviously a little more paranoid after his meeting with Angelo, another Fifth Columnist who drugged him last episode. Luckily Angelo left our boy with a contact for another Fifth Columnist named Cyrus. Ryan is off to track down Cyrus in hopes of re-forming their little rogue group of Visitors. Ryan meets up with Georgie, who we last saw in the warehouse from episode one. They talk about organizing the Fifth Column again. Georgie points out that everytime they try to start an Anti-Visitor cell the Visitors find them and crush them before they can even organize. Georgie also points out that they are lacking in both funds and people. Ryan says he can get them access to both by getting in touch with the mythical “John May”.

The Cast Of V Ain't The First Ones To Fight Alien Lizards...

Of course things aren’t safe in New York City (when are they?) since the U.S. finally caved and granted the Visitors travel Visas. This doesn’t sit well with Mary Faulkner, whose husband died in the F-16 that crashed in the middle of Manhattan back in episode 1. Visitor Marcus is not amused by this but Visitor Anna notes that “People Fear Change. Actually people fear being eaten by humanoid lizards, but why quibble? Anna holds a conference with the commanders of all the Motherships. The mess with Mary Faulkner leads to Anna making sure that the Commanders shape public opinion in their favor. Hey look, the chairs in the meeting room are arranged to make a ‘V’. I look forward to when they show up on Trading Spaces.

Say, what is up with Erica Edwards’ dimwit son, Tyler, up to anyway?

Well, Tyler is all depressed because he’s been kicked out of the Visitor’s Ambassador Program. I think the “Ambassador Program” is just a giant cellar where they age human meat, y’know like how a good steak house ages steaks. Anyway, he is even more depressed since he gets to give his big fat friend Brandon a lift to the Visitor Center on Earth, thus reminding himself that trying to impress alien lizard chicks by punching dudes out doesn’t really pay-off.

Elsewhere, Erica Edwards is informed that the FBI and the Visitors will be working together to stop the idiot who is making death threats against the visitors. Erica Edwards, really isn’t to keen on being partnered with another Visitor again. She still has a job to do though, thus she helps our strange Visitors from another world organize their security detail. Of course while getting doing this she gets to see firsthand some of the things that are going on. Eerie moment: Erica being informed that any injured Visitors will be tended to by Visitor medical teams. Honestly, they shouldn’t have to tell anyone this, it is just common fucking sense. You don’t let a caveman give you laser surgery do you? Fuckin’ Right You Don’t! Erica Edwards isn’t stupid and she is also in on the Visitors little joke, so she moves onto step two (Coming To Believe That A Power Greater Than Ourselves Can Devour Us With Mild Bearnaise Sauce).

As for Erica Edwards ex-partner Dale, he is being tended to by Visitor Doctor Joshua. Seems Dale is having trouble remembering the events that led to his being exposed as a scaly alien. Joshua coughs that one up to post-Trauma induced amnesia. Still, Dale knows that someone knows that he knows that they know that he is a Visitor. Thus Dale determines what any good undercover agent would do, swear to kill that person. Dale is very single-minded.

Hey, Ryan has found Cyrus! Guess what? Cyrus totally turns out to be a mole for the Visitors and intends to turn Ryan in. Cyrus has turned traitor because he wants to be “Reconnected”. Could this be a plot point that we’ll get answer to in a future episode? Was Cyrus living in The Matrix this whole time? Is Ryan Morpheus? Am I Morpheus? Well Ryan proves he ISN’T Morpheus as he kicks Cyrus’ ass and kills him dead. I think this scene would’ve ended up better if they showed Ryan pulling the trigger and ending it by saying “Take that, ya filthy animal!”.

Look out New York, Tyler Evans is at the local pizza parlor and he is mopey. That doesn’t stop him from bringing Fat Brandon along because… well Brandon is chunky and probably eats a lot of Pizza. ah but Brandon is playing match maker today as he has brought Visitor Tour Guide Lisa. Brandon seemingly leaves, without eating a thing I might add, so Lisa and Tyler can get to know each other better. Good news Tyler, the Visitor council has decided to let you back in the Ambassador Program. Bad news… guess who gets to be Hors D’oeuvre s at the state dinner next week? Lisa smiles and notes that she heard the pizza at the parlor was “amazing”. If she likes it now, imagine what it tastes like with little bits of Tyler baked right into the crust!

Meanwhile, Father Jack morphs into Father Jack… Private Investigator! Today Father Jack is tracking down Georgie of all people. Turns out Georgie was in the FBI files and Father Jack follows the trail to his house. With no one at home, Father Jack does what any good Catholic Priest would do… snoops around. Clues that turn up are newspaper clippings on the wall about aliens and picture of Georgie and his family. Then the ugliest clue comes walking in to the room in the form of Georgie’s neighbor… or possibly his landlady… y’know she never really does define who she is, or at least I don’t think she did. Anyway, Father Jack P.I. leaves his card and tells her to have Georgie contact him with the ominous tag of “Tell him I was at the warehouse”.

Things are really fun on the Visitor New York Mothership as Visitor Doctor Joshua and Dale are using Visitor Neural Technology to reconstruct Dale’s memories so he can remember who exposed him as the dirty little lizard he really is. Dale starts to piece it together slowly. Of course like any man he notes how much he hated his wife. That is a shame, she seemed so loving. Dale also wasn’t to crazy about being undercover as a mole FBI agent for the last 20 years. He really seems to hate humanity. He finally remembers that it was Erica Edwards that exposed him and is all set to go back down below to kill and possibly eat her. Doctor Joshua is not really to keen on this idea. SURPRISE! Joshua is a Fifth Columnist! He injects Dale with something and… he… well he is either put in a coma of some kind or Joshua killed him via lethal injection. Guess we will find out later and by later I mean like 5 episodes from now in March.

Church is a solemn place, luckily Father Jack knows this, but nobody told poor paranoid Georgie. See Georgie has tracked Father Jack down. He lets him know that leaving behind a business card is just plain stupid when you are trying to start a Fifth Column movement. Still Georgie warms up to our conflicted priest by checking for the incision that was given to Father Jack in the first episode. This how Fifth Columnists can tell who is human. Father Jack pleads his case, telling him that he knows about Georgie’s family and that he doesn’t have to alone anymore.

Hey Anna is practicing a speech for when she meets with Mary Faulkner. Anna is really sorry and wants to apologize for the grief that the Visitor’s sudden arrival has caused and really, deep down, she hopes that they can be BFFs. What Anna isn’t telling Mary is that she currently has a bottle of Worcestershire Sauce in her pocket. While this is going on, Erica Edwards and the Visitor Security Team are trying to locate the lone who is no doubt out to kill a few Visitors and cause all kinds of other trouble. This isn’t helping Erica Edwards deal with Step Three (Turning Her Life Over To Fighting And Eliminating The Alien Lizard Horde). The gunman in question has knocked out or possibly killed a guard and stolen his totally sweet Visitor Security jacket. Turns out Mr. Psycho is out to put a few holes in Visitor Marcus. Erica Edwards IDs her perp and takes him down… HARD! While all that commotion is going on inside, outside Anna and Mary Faulkner announce that they have made peace and Mary forgives the Visitors.

The Visitors take the attempted murderer away despite Erica Edwards protests. She smiles and makes like it is no big deal and sneaks of to another room she saw a Visitor Security guy go into earlier. What she finds is pretty goddamn creepy. Hundreds of live video camera images of the Visitors recruiting kids for he Ambassador Program. Mary notices that there is a live image of her in the room and she realizes that the Visitors have mini-cameras in there jackets. So these Visitors are taking the recruiting aspects of the Nazis (get’em while they’re young) and combining it with 1984 Orwellian paranoia (Big Brother Is Watching). Now that makes them more intriguing villains.

It Was Something Akin To This That Was The Best Part Of The Episode...

Now it is time for teenage sex with Tyler Edwards and Visitor Tour Guide Lisa. Tyler is so ready for this.. no more alone time with the newest issue of Puritan for him. Of course you know this when Mom comes home from a hard day at the office and kicking alien ass. Tyler freaks because he knows his Mom is none to keen on our friendly Best Buddies From Outer Space. He rushes out to talk with Mom. Mom is as paranoid as everyone else that isn’t a visitor on this fucking show and suspects Tyler is hiding something. You bet he is! Lisa is nothing but in her black lace bra and panties which, I get the feeling, will be the lasting memory of this show if it only lasts one season. Needless to say, Mom hasn’t had the sex talk with her boy yet. Lisa stripped down because she figured it would be easier to explain why a girl was there as opposed to explaining why a girl in a Visitor uniform was there. Lisa is brighter than Tyler is.

Well it has been a busy episode so it is time to wind things down. Georgie and Erica Edwards are re-introduced to each other via Father Jack. This is like the worst set-up for a joke ever… “An FBI Agent, a Fifth Columnist and a Priest walk into a bar…” But Georgie has a surprise for everyone as has brought Ryan with him. I understand The Who formed as a band under similar circumstances.At the rundown dinner where Ryan had met Cyrus, Marcus and a Visitor Security Unit have found Cyrus’ body and a message scrawled on the wall that reads “JOHN MAY LIVES!”. Finally Anna, thanks the shooter from the attempted murder. Wow, he was a Visitor all along. If you didn’t see that one coming then you simply spend to much time outdoors and don’t watch nay Television or go to the movies at all. Anna is then by Lisa who informs her that Tyler Edwards is “The One” and they were right to recruit him. “The One”? FUCK! They are from The Matrix! Anna thanks Lisa for her work and lets her know how special she is by stroking her face affectionately. Lisa responds with a smile and kind “Thank You Mother”.

Post Game: The story was OK this week but there wasn’t any real sense of pervading danger in it. The “Lone Gunman who hates Visitors” angle could’ve been used more effectively if he HAD killed a Visitor in public. See from there Anna could have forgiven the act of violence, further proving to everyone that the Visitor’s were “Of Peace”. The best aspect has been the forming of the Fifth Columnists. Hopefully, they aren’t all stupid and make really dumb mistakes. Hell having Erica Edwards be a Counter Terrorism expert, who knows about spotting sleeper cells will lead to her understanding how to run one well. As for Tyler… I really didn’t expect them to have Anna/Lisa be Mother/Daughter. It does make for a good betting pool though, trying to figure out who betrays whose parent first. Will Lisa turn on Mom first or will Tyler willing become the Main Course in Anna’s Giant Visitor Wok and thus really piss his mom off? So many questions… What is “connecting” Are the Visitor’s ruled like some hive mind? Does Anna control them via mental link or drug? I swear if Humans are being used as a drug so Anna can maintain order over her people then I’m done. It just means that V is totally ripping off Torchwood: Children Of Earth and that is just some bullshit. Of course this is speculation. I’m hoping for something more original. It is still better than the original V because these Visitors just give off a better vibe of being creepy. I think the key is that Morena Baccarain plays Anna as a smart villain and not a power hungry one. Anna is in control and knows how to maintain her control. Now hopefully, with the Fifth Column in place, we get to see to what lengths she will go to keep that control.


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  1. Whip Mistress on said:

    Not to be a stickler, but the 12 step slogan is “One Day at a Time”. So fear not, the strategy to beating an invading alien force begins not by quoting a Twelve Step program. It is a lame strategy all the same though.

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