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Veekly V-ing! Episode 2


Is For Visitors, Who Know That Humans Are Both Delicious & Nutritious!

Picking up today where we left off yesterday, with our recap of the re-imagined V. Thankfully episode 2 picks up where Episode 1 left off with Erica Edwards and Father Jack on the run from a Visitor Death Squad. Now Erica just killed her longtime FBI partner Dale in the previous episode so she is a little panicky, which can be the only reason why she would do something as stupid as call 911 to alert authorities to the warehouse full of dead people she and Father Jack just escaped from. See this is incredibly dumb because it was established last episode that the Visitors already have been living here undercover for decades, so it isn’t too far fetched to believe that they’ve already infiltrated all of our major communication networks. How much you want to bet as the series goes on that we are going to find out that the majority of mankind’s technological breakthroughs were a result of Visitor aid? I mean I can already feel it coming.

Anyway, Erica Edwards 911 call backfires as the Visitors send the Visitor Phantasm Sphere to track down and kill Erica Edwards and father Jack. They run as fast as they can and outwit the floating orb of doom by ducking behind a corner and then smashing it with a metal rod. Realizing that they need to get away, Erica Edwards leaves Father Jack with the simple reminder to “Trust no one”. Meanwhile our man Ryan, who got revealed to be an undercover Visitor last episode, makes it home to discover his gal Valerie has found the engagement ring he bought last epsidoe (this actually happeend at the end of last epsiode, sorry for skipping that detail). Of course Ryan is now suitably paranoid that his own people might find and kill him. Such are the risks when you are sent undercover to infiltrate an alien species to scope them out as your future food supply. You run the risk of realizing “Humans don’t totally suck, they just sort of slightly suck and we probably shouldn’t eat them!”.

Erica Edwards arrives home completely paranoid and who wouldn’t be after surviving the massacre of a bunch of strangers and then jkilling their own partenr and friend? Anyway, Erica Edwards hears a noise and reaches for the first available weapon she can find and nearly swings for the bleachers on her own son’s head. Yes, Tyler has come home and mom is a tad worried because her boy has been obsessing about Los Visitors. She makes him promise to not get involved with them without really explaining why. I mean how do you tell your son “Look honey, the Visitors are giant lizards and that means their genitals might retract into their abdomen”. Tyler promises his mom that there will be no more Visitor talk and they have a bonding moment. Of course Tyler realizes that now would not be the best time to let mom in on the fact he joined the Visitor Amabassador Program by forging her signature. He even got a nifty jacket out of it!

So just how has the world responded to the Visitors now that they’ve been around for a week or so? Well there is serious discussion about granting a select number of them Visas so they can move around freely. Japan, Italy and Mexico jump on the bandwagon first. The Good ol’USA is a bit more apprehensive though and is mulling it over. Just how does Anna, the Visitor High Commander respond to all this? By playing dress up, seeing what she would look like in an assortment of different human fashions. In case you all missed it Anna is played by Morena Baccarin which means that she really looks good in anything, which would imply she would also look good in nothing but we shan’t delve into that can of worms because this is a “Family Friendly” blog (Note: This is NOT, by any means, a “Famiy Friendly” blog).


Behold! The Visitor Gourmet Society!

Meanwhile our favorite newsman Chad Decker is lamenting about how he sold out his own journalistic integrity just to get the first interview with Anna. Chad then comes up with a brilliant idea of how to regain that small part of his soul that Anna took from him by hosting a point/counterpoint type show about the pros and cons of the Visitors arrival. The Visitors are less than amused. Chad gets dragged to the New York mothership to be chewed u=out by Anna’s assistant and Chad points out that his little stunt not only got great ratings and beat that night’s NEW CSI: Miami but that it helped change public opinion of the Visitors so that people aren’t as divided as they were before. Anna’s assistant is impressed. I think he may let Chad age a bit like a piece of meat at a Chicago Steak House before he devours him.

Meanwhile Ryan is off to New Jersey to try and get his nasty wound from the first episode closed up. He has thus gone to body shop in… I wanna say Hoboken, I don’t think they ever specify really… anyway he talks to a mechanic named Angelo who is none to happy to see him. Angelo points out that Ryan needs to be careful because the Visitors will find him if he doesn’t go deep underground. Ryan is totally like “Dude I’m like engaged and shit”. Angelo is logical and is like all “Brah, your fiancee is like gonna be Lizard food! Sucks to be you! Go underground!”. Ryan begins to protest and then begins to feel a little woozy. SURPRISE DUMBASS! Angelo drugged you and determines that you can’t be trusted! Ryan wakes up a few hours later and sees angelo has cleared out. Ryan is less than amused and goes home. Valerie is all to happy to see him adn he her. She notices a icture of hers that has been turned upside down. Ryan gets a phone call from Angelo who proceeds to read Valerie’s complete dossier to Ryan. Ryan is like “dude totally not cool!” and Angelo is quick to point out that if HE can dig up the information on Valerie so can the Visitors and they will not be nice with her interrogation.

As for poor Erica Edwards, she is dealing with having killed her partner. Shegets called in by her superirors bcause dale has “gone missing”. Erica Edwards is brought into a conference for questioning Dale’s whereabouts. Erica Edwards totally lies because you can’t just go int oan inquiry and tell everyone “My Partern was a total Visiotr living undercover”. Do you have any idea how quickly Homeland Security would be dismantled because of a crazy conspiracy like were to go public? Look at that, Father Jack is at FBI headquarters and runs into Erica Edwards. Father Jack is there to answer questions about the guy who died in his church back in Episode 1. Turns out the guy was anti-Visitor. Since the Visitors arrival the FBI has been pullingevery X-File that has been reported for the last 20 years and reviewing them. Tiem re-evaluate just who is and who isn’t a nutjob. Erica Edwards and Father Jack totally fuck up when asked if they know each other by the agent questioning the good Father. How did these 2 not end up dead again?

The FBI finds Dale’s car and Erica Edwards and her boss go to check it out. The car is parked in front of the warehouse where the anti-Visitor Sleeper Cell met last episode. Erica is quick to get to the automobile in question because she left her gun and badge there. Erica Edwards determines she needs to get more info on Dale. She sets up lunch with Dael’s now paranoid wife. Erica is on edge because she doesn’t know what the deal is. Is Dale’s wife a Visitor? A Robot maybe? Could she be Amerlia Earhart? Dale’s wife reveals that Dael had been keeping secrets from her, that he had separate cellphone to keep work and home life apart. Erica Edwards starts to put the pieces ofthe puzzle together. However her boss is beginning to get suspicious. He finally drags her to his office and chews her out. He plays her the 911 recording she made from the warehouse and wants to know what the fuck is going on. She reveals that she and Dale were at the warehouse to investigate a terrorist cell (TRUTH). She then says that they were also tracking a mole within the FBI (LIE). Her boss is havign a hrd time swallowing it. She finally she can trust him on a small evel and reveals that it was Dale that was the mole (TRUTH). Her boss is stunned adncan’t believe it but she busts out the cell phone evidence as proof. She reveals that she discovered Dale was the traitor and that he is in the wind and we will probably never see him again.

Guess who wakes up on a Visitor Mothership? The same guy who isn’t nearly as dead as Erica Edwards thinks he is…

Also this episode… Tyler tries to hit on Visitor Tour Guide Lisa. Tyler gets i na fight defending the Visitors from a bunch of anti-Visitor protetors. Lisa is abhorred that he resorted to violence. Now Tyler might get kicked out of the Ambassador Program. What a bunch of ungratefu douchbags those Visitors are!

Okay, episode 2 is good and I was suitably impressed at how Erica Edwards got out of the situation with her Boss by figuring out Dale was the mole. The shit with Ryan better start developing fast, as I was expecting him and George to team-up again and start kicking some Visitor ass. I would;’ve liked to have seen more of Anna this episode. I know you’re all shocked by that revelation. Still the story is moving quickly for the most part. Shit will hit fan but methinks that they will do a slow build to that. I’d like for Father Jack to be more than just Erica Edwards sidekick because tht is exactly how I see him right now. I really couldn’t give a crap about Tyler being infatuated with Visitor Tour Guide Lisa because I see where this is going and that is Human/Visitor Baby Part Deux. If it that doesn’t happen I’ll be totally stunned. Given what the shot of this episode was, I am eagerly looking forward to next week.


What? You Thought I Was Gonna Mention Marc Singer And Not Bring This Up?

Hey I’m also excited because the producers of V have stated that they plan on bringing old cast members from the original series back in new roles. That measn our man Marc Singer may be ready to kick some ass, maybe even as a Visitor this time. Hell make him the Commander of The Visitor Death Squad. C’mon, let The Beastmaster kick some ass! This also means we get ot see if Jane Badler, who played the original evil Visitor bitch Diana, has aged gracefully or if she now looks like the Sea-Hag from the old Popeye cartoons. We all know what happened to Robert Englund, who played Visitor turned vegan Willie. Bring both him and Michael Ironside back. Fuck bringing back Michael Ironside alone gaurantees that I wkeep watching this entire first season. Michael Ironside always brings that badass vibe to everything he has ever been in!

Well that is it for this week’s V… Next Week will hopefully give us a little more action and a lot more Morena Baccarin!


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