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I love comic books! I really do. It doesn’t even have to be a superhero book, as I’m just as happy to read Fables as I am a comic with Superman. So imagine my utter glee this Saturday when the mail got dropped off and there was a package from Heavy Ink in the mailbox?

Now there are at least 3 good comic shops in Toledo. So why am I getting my books through the mail you may ask? The answer to that is that one of those shops is also a gaming store and reeks old cheetos, sweat and stale Mountain Dew, so it basically smells like how one would imagine Craigslist to smell if Craigslist were a tangible place. The other 2 shops are farther away and I don’t like travelling more than 20 minutes to get my books. I realize that I should be supporting my Local Comic Shops and I do feel a little bad aout not going to those shops (I won’t refer to them by name here, not that I’m a regular at either, its just a matter of that would be kind of classless). I will still make the effort to go to at least one of those shops because really, their inventory of comics related merchandise is just too immense thus making it the perfect place for a geek like me to do his Christmas/Hanukkah shopping at.


Ahem… Now that I’m done running around like an excited 5 year old, let’s get down to business. I had halted my subscriptions in August due to bills and general lack of cash flow. Thus when things started to pick-up again I went ahead and reactivated some of my titles. I have everything set on a bi-weekly shipping schedule so I’ll be writing up reviews of what I’m reading 2-3 times a month. This shipment features 3 titles and 8 books overall, so I had plenty of reading.



Power Girl #4

I totally love this book! First, Amanda Conner is a great artist and she draws some of the best facial expressions in all of comics (well her and Adam Hughes and Kevin Maguire). The fact that she kept pace with this title while drawing the Supergirl feature in Wednesday Comics shows what a pro she is. The story itself sees Power Girl taking Terra out to the movies and saying thanks for helping her out during the super-fun Ultra-Humanite story in issues 1-3. Of course things don’t stay quiet as PG has to deal with a teenager who is using an old magic tome to commit some minor eco-terrorism. A really simple fun issue where everything gets wrapped up in a single issue. All this and PG goes apartment hunting!


Power Girl #5

PG deals with a spaceship crashing in Manhattan, complete with 3 runaway alien princesses. Again more great stuff by Amanda Conner and the story by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, who I totally should’ve credited in the review above, was just as fun as the previous issue. The writing of the book makes sure there is good balance of action and sly humor. I mean this is Power Girl, a character that has been defined by her rack for the last 30+ years after all. The mere fact that Conner, Palmiotti and Gray play up that aspect of the character yet still make her one of the most likable characters in the DC Universe speaks volumes about how much they like and respect the character. All that plus the return of the Justice League Europe cat!


Power Girl #6

Wrapping up the story from the previous issue as PG deals with the Alien Princess chicanery as well as their caretaker… Carl! PG wraps up the case, even with a sidetrip to Atlantic City for a run-in with the Mob before coming up with a perfect resolution for the 3 runaway brats that, once again, is humorous yetsweet. I fucking love Power Girl and more people need to read it. I don’t want to see it disappear from the racks. The humor is clean and I would feel totally okay giving this book to at least an 8 year-old girl who wants a good female Superhero to look upto. Hell even Room Mate Drew really liked these 3 issues of Power Girl and we agreed that they were the best overall comics in the shipment, thus they got reviewed first!


Batman & Robin #3

Hey Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly wrap-up their first arc on Batman & Robin and it was pretty freakin’ great. This is the first Morrison story I’ve actually liked since before Batman R.I.P. (I seem to be in the minority in viewing Batman R.I.P. as a total crapfest). Anyway, the NEW Batman and Robin bust up Professor Pyg’s little Crime Circus and uncover a pretty crazy plot to infect Gotham with an airborne virus and somehow it all ties into a protstitution ring. Watch as New Bats does some old style interrogation that would make old Bats proud. These first three issues were pretty great and I look forward to the second arc…


Batman & Robin #4

Which starts here with yet another incarnation of the Red Hood cropping up, even though he totally isn’t a new version of The Red Hood. He is just the previous Red Hood in a really cheezy new costume. You totally know who it is from the get-go. Red Hood isn’t just putting a stop to crime, his mission is to eliminate it… WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE! (You know the Red Hood means it because I typed it all in caps). Anyway, The Red Hood and his sidekick, Scarlett, bust-up a meeting of the Gotham Crime Bosses. They are already shitting their pants what with Batman back after a long absence. Now they’ve got a Red Hood to deal with, so now they are calling in some hired help from out of town to deal with the problem. Philip Tan takes over for Frank Quitely on art chores for this issue and he brings a differnt vibe than the full on technicolor badassery of the first three issues, which is fine because Batman needs to be in the shadows and that is where Tan puts him as New Bats and New Robin are on stakeout duty.


Batman & Robin #5

The hired help is a psycho named The Flamingo and… wait… did I just really type that a Batman villain is going to be called the Flamingo? I… I’m so torn about this. I mean they already establish by the end of the issue that Flamingo is a total Joker level nutjob but… c’mon, The Flamingo? That is so a Marvel villain that Spidey fights back in the 70s when he isn’t fighting other lamewads like Rocket Racer or The Kangaroo, (totally a legit Spider-Man villain, I can’t make that shit up)! Still, we get teased with the Flamingo’s handiwork as a lear jet lands in Gotham and all of the crew have had their faces eaten off. So now we’ve got A face eating psycho running around Gotham gunning for The Red Hood and Scarlett. I wonder if Batman & Robin will somehow get involved… I mean it would be nice if Batman & Robin were somehow the focus of their own title… am I asking for too much? Oh well, this thing will wrap-up in issue 6… I hope…


Blackest Night #3

Thank God my Room Mate actually has a subscription to Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps or else this year’s BIG EVENT from DC would be tricky to follow. For those of you not in the know, Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps are 2 of the best books on the shelves these days and they’ve been building to Blackest Night since both books relaunched almost 5 years ago. We’ve had a few new Lantern Corps introduced to represent the emotional spectrum and all of them have been building toward The Black Lantern Corps making their debut. What better way to fuck with DC fanboys (and Fangirls) than by having all the Black Lanterns be ressurected dead heroes and villains? How about making them flesh eating zombies? How about you have an undead Justice League taking on Firestorm & The Flash?


Blackest Night #4

Hey great idea let’s make the big bad of this BIG EVENT a Green Lantern villain most people have never heard of… this better have a real good resolution. I had to watch DC kill Hawkman again for this shit. I mean how can you seriously keep screwing over Hawkman? Wasn’t it bad enough in the 90 when no one understood what he was supposed ot be? Fuck Hawkman didn’t even know who he was supposed to be! Now he is a flesh eating zombie serving a third string Green Lantern villain. DC is saying next year’s BIG EVENT will be superman-centric. Great, I look forward to Terra-Man becoming the most powerful villain ever and I don’t mean post-Crisis Terra-Man either!

Well there you have it kids, my comics that came in the mail. Overall, not too bad. The best stuff was actually the Power Girl books, actually not surprising at all given how much fun that book has been since the first issue. While I think The Flamingo is a terrible name for a villain, but I’m interested enough to watch him mutilate the Red Hood (one can dream). Blackest Night has been fun but needs a little more umph to put it over the top. In 2 weeks we get Batman & Robin #6 along with the first issue of Cinderella – From Fabletown With Love starring everyone’s favorite secret agent,… CINDERELLA! Then, I’ll try to jump on the bandwagon with a book everyone swears is the best thing ever with The Increible Hercules #137 followed by a double-shot of Red Sonja with issue #49 of her regular title and issue #1 of Queen Sonja! Finally we get some good old Superman with Superman – Secret Origin 1 & 2 (Note: Batman is my favorute superhero but I do LOVE Superman and I just don’t understand how people can’t love Superman as well).

Wow… I doubt I’ll be able to review everything… unless I want to top the word count for The French: How I Loathe Them. Well, in 2 weeks we’ll see how it all works out right? Shit I can hardly wait! I really do love reading comics!


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