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J-Band Of The Week! 10/15/09 – midnightPumpkin!

midnightPumpkin - Wakana (Vocals), Maya (Vocals), Shinya (Drums), Hiroki (Trumpet), Haru (Trumpet), Yu-ichi (Guitar)

midnightPumpkin - Wakana (Vocals), Maya (Vocals), Shinya (Drums), Hiroki (Trumpet), Haru (Trumpet), Yu-ichi (Guitar)

Sweet Balls of Moses!

Talk about a band that gets no love these days, midnightPumpkin have been quietly releasing stuff since 2002 and trying grow their already rabid fanbase. Catchy as fuck and just an all-around ‘Feel Good’ band, one has to wonder why they seem to have went from having 2 of theri songs beng featured on 2 J-Doramas to between 2006-07 and then suddenly being quiet with their releases.

I’m not saying they haven’t put out stuff, its just their stuff doesn’t get he fanfare that other bands like ORESKABAND and even GOLLBETTY get. I mean midnightPumpkin are sweet and deserve your love!

They have a great brass sound with their 2 trumpet/1 sax set-up and use little actual bass. They recently parted ways with their guitarist Yu-ichi but have rebounded with a release justthis past month Us And U. They have nothing but solid upbeat tunes to their credit.

So… give midnightPumpkin your love! They chose a pretty clever Cinderella inspired name for their group after all!

Here give “Time Limit” a whirl, an song full of hyper energy and dueling vocals. What’s not ot love?

Here, let us followthat with more of the happy with “Sora iro mirai”, another upbeat bit of happy sunshine!

I just wish there were video for “GETBACK”, one oftheir more edgiy tunes. Oh well, we can’t always get what we want now can we?

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