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J-Band Pick Of The Week Of The Week 10/11/09 – ORESKA BAND!

ORESKA BAND! - Ikasu (Guitar/Vocals), Tae-san (Drums), Leader (Trombone), Saki (Trumpet), Moriko (Tenor Saxophone), Tomi (Bass/Vocals)

ORESKA BAND! - Ikasu (Guitar/Vocals), Tae-san (Drums), Leader (Trombone), Saki (Trumpet), Moriko (Tenor Saxophone), Tomi (Bass/Vocals)

Yeah I know, I was supposed to do a “Fiction On Fiction” segment for Friday but it dawned on me that I need to go back and re-read some of the literary characters I plan on lampooning as part pf research. No point in writing the character in question unless I have their ‘Voice’ down. Getting Conan down was easy. Picking his topic of review was even easier. Other topics of humor and discussion will continue, including “Adventures At Marvel” and weekly rants on how my Dungeon & Dragons group are coming up with new ways to torment me.

This brings us to today’s topic, “J-Band Of The Week”. Last week you got a healthy dose of the mighty GOLLBETTY. This week it is more Japanese SKA madness with the all female ORESKA BAND. First formed in 2003 when guitarist/vocalist Ikasu met drummer Tae-san in Middle School, the rest of the band came together through hodhe podge of mutual friends. They self-produced their first CD Penpal in 2005 and then got signed by Sony Music. All this when all 6 members were in High School.

Sincew then they’ve released an album a year, each filled with bright bouncy songs that make you want ot get up and dance. They’ve already got experience playing the uS, having appeared at Anime Expo in 2007 and the Vans Warped Tour 2 years in a row in ’07 and ’08. Already they’ve built a pretty nice resume in Japan, including an ad for Pocky and songs used in the animes Naruto and BLEACH. So without further ado, ladies and Gentlemen… ORESKA BAND!

First up is “Hana No SKA Dance”, one of those bright and bouncy songs I mentioned before. I especially love this video for the old guy on the train busting and doing the monkey!

Next is “Knife to Fork” a great fun song, with vocalists Ikasu and Tomi sharing some of the singing duties. For the record “Knife To Fork” means “Knife & Fork” in Japanese.

Both songs appear on ORESKA BAND’s 2006 Album WAO!. What? Not recent enough for you? I swear you people, there is no satisfying you…

Here is “What A Wonderful World” from their 2009 mini-Album What A Wonderful World Volume 2. Big and brassy, there is actually not single song on this release that I don’t like…

So there you have it, a triple shot of ORESKA BAND and seriously, after that how can you not appreciate the fun these girls seem to generate?

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One thought on “J-Band Pick Of The Week Of The Week 10/11/09 – ORESKA BAND!

  1. Angel Eyes on said:

    James, I was not very familiar with Oreska, but your recent Blog not only introduced me to a group that you like, but also a written and visual tour of some of this music. Once I read and listened to what you were shouting at the world, today I shared this with my oldest daughter, Mickayla. She too enjoyed it very much, “What a Wonderful World” brought big smiles and bouncing around in her chair. Thank you for broadening my exposure and introducing her to this wonderful music. Angel Eyes

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