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GOLLBETTY: g-yun (Vocals), MISSY (Guitar), CLASSY (Bass), AKI 3 (Drums, since replaced by Mush), TAKA-P (Saxophone), SHODAI (Trumpet) & HIROAKI (Trombone)

GOLLBETTY: g-yun (Vocals), MISSY (Guitar), CLASSY (Bass), AKI 3 (Drums, since replaced by Mush), TAKA-P (Saxophone), SHODAI (Trumpet) & HIROAKI (Trombone)

Ah how I love GOLLBETTY, a straight up fun band with a great SKA/Pop flavor. The Band is getting ready to release their 4th Album SCRAMBLE on 10/7/09. The band has been around since 2004. 3 months after forming, the band released their debut EP Soul Fresh independently. Based on the strength of that record they got signed by indie label RUN RUN RUN RECORDS and re-released Soul Fresh in 2006. The band has also gotten some main stream exposure through the usual Japanese media outlets but lead singer g-yun (not a typo) quickly became the darling of a few Japanese fashion magazines. Since then GOLLBETTY has released a full CD a year. Mind you Japan still runs everything off the format of multiple single releases followed by compiling the singles with other new material to release a full CD a few months after the first single drops. This is still the main method of releasing singles and albums in the United States but singles sales take a backseat to overall album sales.

They are an extremely catchy band that deserves a little more attention not just in Japan but in general. I mean damn it, they write some really catchy stuff that just sticks in your head and won’t let go. They’re most recent songle “If!” is a prime example of this. It is just lodges itself in your cranium and plays over and over until you realize that you HAVE TO PLAY IT AGAIN!

I’d love to share it with you but so far only a commercial clip to promote SCRAMBLE is available. Oh, who am I kidding? I totally will show the quick clip courtesy of YouTube!


Still, it isn’t like GOLLBETTY hasn’t made a smattering of PVs for the sake of promotion. Let’s start with “Easy Going” from the band’s 2007 album Goll&Response. The video helps capture the energy of the band’s live performance and they’ve got energy in spades.

GOLLBETTY – Easy Going!

From there let us delve into one of 2 versions of the song “WEIO!”. “WEIO!” appeared on both the original band released version of Soul Fresh and its re-release in 2006. Both EPs have different arrangments as far as the horn parts and lyrics. The song itself is entirely in English. The version in the video is the re-release version and just a great example of the power that g-yun can project in her voice.


So after that doubleshot you hopefully are intrigued to check out more of GOLLBETTY. I really love them and think if you give them more of a shot then you too will find yourself trying to figure out just the hell is being sung in “WEIO!”!

UPDATE:Full PV for GOLLBETTY’s “IF!” Located!


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  1. Whip Mistress on said:

    Whip Mistress is pleased with what you are doing with your blog. Keep up the good work and she may have a reward for you.

  2. I love Gollbetty! Weio is genius! It’s always gets stuck in my head for days, but not in the evil-Celine-Dion way.

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