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There Is Nothing That 9 Months Of Inactivity Can’t Solve!

Maintaining a Blog is tricky business. First you need something to write about. Then you have to actually FEEL like writing. When life gets overwhelming, things like blogging can take a backseat to it. I mean 8 hours a day working followed by trying to squeeze time for yourself and friends is damn tiring. I mean that barely gives me time to sift through the mountains of comics, anime and wrestling I watch.

Did I mention that I am a geek?


I mean couldn’t you figure it out for yourself?

You are reading a blog after all, which makes you a default geek on a certain level. It doesn’t matter if it is about comics, cooking or shoe sniffing (as my podaitrist says “Don’t knock it till ya try it”), someone has a geek mean-on for something and that means that, chances are, they read blogs about those things they geek out for.

This Random Image Has Nothing To Do With What I'm Talking About!

This Random Image Has Nothing To Do With What I'm Talking About!

But Back to our main focus here…

It has been 9 months since my last post here. I really wasn’t planning on doing anything new with it. It was just going to be parked here on the information superhighway. Hell, I am stunned I haven’t gotten a notice of deletion or something akin to that. I mean I could’ve given birth in the time since I last posted here (save for the whole ‘not being a female’ thing).

“But James” you may ask, “why bother posting again now?”

Good question. It is because my dear friend Annie read what I wrote and actually told me it was good and wished I had written more. Positive feedback from someone who matters to you is one helluva motivator. I was also surprised to see that some people have at least glanced by this site. Did they read anything? Who knows? Who cares? The point is they gave it a shot. Heck for something that hasn’t been active since the end of January, 18 people gave it a go here at Brave Blog on September 20th. That is 18 more than I ever would’ve expected.

So, I am giving Brave Blog another shot. I’ll talk about all those things that so many other people on the internet already talk about. Mainly, comics, animation, gaming, movies and various other topics. I will complete the “3 Movies That Make Me Cry” series. I mean, I should at least do that right?

I’m not saying it will be the first thing I tackle, but it will see completion. Heck, I’m not entirely sure what my first topic point will be. Maybe something along the lines of “Why Does My Roommate’s Dog Keep Licking My Feet God Damn It!”. Not the most exciting topic, I know. Maybe it needs to be more dynamic as a headline. Word placement is key for any article after all. So that being said…



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2 thoughts on “There Is Nothing That 9 Months Of Inactivity Can’t Solve!

  1. Whip Mistress on said:

    Thanks for working on your blog again! I love it and it would have missed it had you just put it to bed and walked away.

  2. Angel Eyes on said:


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