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Macross FRONTIER? Probably Not…

Macross FRONTIER--- It's Science Fiction I Swear!

Macross FRONTIER--- It's Science Fiction I Swear!


It has already been a year since we all got to see the first episode of Macross FRONTIER and it was incredible. What was even better about it was that it maintained a high level of quality for 26 whole episodes. Everything about it, from the music, to the animation, to the voice acting was top notch. So are we any closer to Region 1 release of this soon to be classic?


As long as Harmony Gold, U.S. Macross Gestapo, have their death like grip on the overall Robotech license, the chances for anything with the word “Macross” in it showing up in the U.S. have a slim to none chance of getting released. What? You don’t know the sordid saga of how Robotech was 3 separate animated telesion series that were spliced together and re-written by Carl Macek in to one multi-generational saga?

Well yeah that’s what happened. I could spend the next few paragraphs going over the various lawsuits between all the parties involved in the U.S. Robotech/Macross legal snafu but seriously you can look-up that stuff over at . Hell I don’t even want to get into the whole legal quagmire between Studio Nue and Tatsunoko Productions over who is the Japanese owner of the Macross franchise because I don’t even truly understand the problem (NOTE: This is a full fledhed lie on my part. I totally understand it, I’m just really lazy).

So it is all this legal nonsense that is denying us Macross FRONTIER, probably the best Macross series since the original (though a strong case can be made for 1995’s Macross PLUS).  It is a crying shame. Of all the shows that the Japanese released in 2008, Macross FRONTIER was far and away my favorite. I only had one complaint, that being the fact that there were way to many dangling plot threads at the end of the final episode. Even worse is that the announced Macross FRONTIER  movie is supposed to be a recap movie. Now I don’t now if this is going to be a recycled footage movie or if Macross storykeeper Shoji Kawamori is planning on wowing us with a completely new animated retelling ala “Macross, Do You Remember Love?”, the always impressive movie retelling of the original Macross TV series.


The King Of Braves GaoGaiGar... Released In The USA!

So many unknown variables at this point. But none of those variables are pointing to Macross FRONTIER getting to a U.S. retail any sooner.  But what do I know, I was one of those people who thought we’d never, and I mean NEVER, see King Of Braves GaoGaiGar released for Region 1 DVD but Media Blasters made me a believer in the end.

So who knows what the future holds.




NEXT BRAVE BLOG:   I really have no friggin’ idea…


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