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To Dread Or Not To Dread

I'm a Dontor, not a Hollywood director dammit!

I'm a Dontor, not a Hollywood director dammit!

Hey, remember how I said I was gonna talk wrestling in this column?

Yeah not so much. There are so many blogs and websites that talk about it that me ranting about it really is kind of stupid and really, isn’t Pro-Wrestling stupid enough without me ranting about?

Let me use this space to introduce an ongoing feature to talk about things I look forward to in the next 12 months and those things that I dread. I mean we always gotta take the good with the bad after all.

Looking Forward To In 2008:

J.J. Abrams Star Trek –  Ok that trailer we’ve all been watching since November was suitably bad ass. But I’ve been fooled by movie trailers before (X3 for example). Also Abrams track record with me is pretty sketchy. I loved the first 2 seasons of ALIAS but could really live without the rest of it. I also don’t really give a chimp’s dick about ANYseason of lost. Do I need to write a long diatribe about how  Cloverfield is the WORST movie EVER?

Even worse, this is one of those cultural icons that can’t be tampered with too much or else its fanbase will be the first to crucify Abrams in the media. I mean so far we have a decent enough looking cast and some spiffy SPFX. Details of the movie story are sketchy at best at this point. I mean we know time travel is involved. I’m sure as May 8th draws closer more details will be revealed and both praise and venom will flow towards the Bad Robot offices. Trekkers tend to treat the original crew and Enterprise as something sacred and if this movie doesn’t deliver I expect the Internet to explode in a war of words between the Abrams camp and a sweaty, angry horde of people in Starfleet costumes.

Boldly Going... To The Lobby To Get Yourself A Snack!

Boldly Going... To The Lobby To Get Yourself A Snack!

As for me, I have been avoiding most spoilers that are getting leaked about the movie because I want to go into this with a clean slate. Now this doesn’t mean that I won’t keep my cynicism in check. I’m cynical of most everything that comes out of Hollywood designed to capitalize on my childhood memories. I mean I hold Star Trek sacred but for a very unique reason. To say my father and I have always had a strained relationship is something of an understatement. My need to not be looked down upon by Dad for my rather eccentric habits and tastes led to me moving from New York City to Toledo, Ohio. But I do remember that the one thing my Father and I could always sit down and watch together was Star Trek. We could always put aside our hostility to enjoy Kirk, Spock and McCoy trying to outsmart the Klingons, Romulans or even a Gorn.

So I’m giving this movie a chance. I won’t dissect it too much but if it somehow manages to ruin one of the few pleasant memories of me and my Dad from when I was a kid, then J.J. Abrams is going to have one very angry inner child to deal with!


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