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Holiday Comics Haul!


Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. - Too Much Fun!

Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. - Too Much Fun!

Since most of my gifts for the holiday were cash, I went on a comic buying spree. Now the city of Toledo has only about 2 or 3 good comic shops and each of them are well stocked. I usually get my stuff at The Game Room, because it doubles as the place I buy my gaming books and supplies at.

I got caught up on all the Superman family of books. Hell I even bought Supergirl just so I could stay current with the  New Krypton story. All I can is that this is the BEST the Super-books have been since the Jurgens era. Guys like Geoff John and James Robinson have made SupermanAction Comics (as well as their satelite books) intersting and intriguing. I have this argument with my freind Chris about Superman. Chris hates Superman because he feels that the character is uninteresting because of all of his superpowers. My arguement is, of course, if you emphasize the SUPER and not the MAN in Superman then you are missing the point of the character. Superman is an interesting because despite all of his power he remains that simple Kansas farm boy and that is what guides him. I will always gravitate towards a character with a deep moral compass. I guess that is why I hate characters like the Punisher and other anti-heroes, because forsaking due process of the law just because you have been wronged makes characters like the Punisher no better than the criminals they kill. Even Batman believes in upholding the law, he lets the courts decide whether a man is innocent or guilty despite the fact that he dresses up like a winged rodent to fight crime and in doing so is, in fact, breaking the law.    

What I was really happy to get, came off of First a big sorry to the guys at The Game Room , but I can’t pass up 2 collections of Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. for under $20.  Honestly, this was the best bang for my buck. I totally forgot how great Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. was. Just reading through it in a collected format just gives it the sense of one complete story. Hell it feels like it was almost made to be an animated series. This was Geoff Johns first comics work and it really shines with comedy and family fun and of course good old superheroics.

Keeping with the my love for Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. I also got JSA – The Next Age, the collected volume of the JSA relaunch title from 2006. Again it is written by Geoff Johns and Geoff Johns rarely disappoints me. No book gets over DC’s commitment to preserving their past than JSA. I mean this has all the characters I love to read (minus Batman and Superman) and using the story hook of ‘Someone is hunting down Legacy Superheroes’ is just that much better. Oh and you get to watch Hawkman beat up a bunch of Nazis. What more could you want from a comic book?

So overall the Holiday Haul was damn fine. It certainly makes up for how annoying FINAL CRISIS is. I mean c’mon, you can beat the Antilife Equation by painting your face? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? 

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