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Why Not Brave Blog?

Yes, it is indeed just what the world doesn’t need, another geek/nerd/guy with too much time on his hands, giving his thoughts on various and  sundry topics. “Which various and sundry topics?” you may ask.

Well the interests vary. I read comics, watch too much anime and wrestling as well as spend the rest of my free time playing video games and Role-Playing Games. I am a dabbler in all these geek activities yet remain a master of none. I will avoid any talk of politics because I got that out of my system in my twenties. That’s right my twenties. I’m in that place between my mid to late thirties now, in case you were wondering

I also do read other things besides comics, you know like actual books. Don’t fear, I stay within the stereotypes though, mostly reading sci-fi and fantasy. That’s not to say I don’t have a mind for other materials, like the classics. I mean why throw away that perfectly fine boarding school education my parents paid for?

So for those that will read this that don’t know me, welcome. For those that do know me, seriously, it was only a matter of time before I embarked into the blog- o-sphere (seriously, is this even a word?).   

NEXT BRAVE BLOG: Ramblings On Comics


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